CA Beach Returned to Black Family

Key Excerpt: “The return is the result of a lengthy campaign and difficult process. The state legislature had to pass a law to allow the return of the property. Now, the city will lease the land from the family for $413,000 a year – with a clause allowing the future purchase of the land for […]

Atheist fired for Not Attending Prayer Meetings

Key Excerpt: “His boss told him ‘he did not have to believe in God, and he did not have to like the prayer meetings, but he had to participate’ before the worker was fired in the fall of 2020.” Supporting Article: News&Observer Ricardo’s Summary: You can’t have it both ways. I am a Christian believer, […]

American’s Views on Gender and Transgenders

Key Excerpt: “The public is divided over the extent to which our society has accepted people who are transgender: 38% say society has gone too far in accepting them, while a roughly equal share (36%) say society hasn’t gone far enough.” Supporting Report: Pew Research Ricardo’s Summary: This is an extensive report on public opinion […]

How Warriors Maintained Winning Culture

Key Excerpt: “Honestly, most of them wanted to stay. It was such a great compliment to hear that from those guys. Here we were with the worst record in the league, but guys were enjoying the process of learning and growing and getting better, being in a really healthy environment. Supporting Article: NBC Sports Ricardo’s […]

Pronouns Spark Debate at U.S. Navy

Key Excerpt: “Ever since the video came to light, it’s led to a big debate over toughness in the military.” Former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill, who was part of the team who killed Osama bin Laden, tweeted, “Your pronouns are shipmate/shipmates. There. I just saved the taxpayers millions by avoiding ridiculously useless training.” Supporting Article: […]

Black Culture in the Metaverse

Key Excerpt: “I think a lot of exciting use cases and products are going to be built right now. I hope that more people that look like us are really given the resources to go execute that.” Supporting Report: Facebook Meta Ricardo’s Summary: This is a pretty fascinating report from Facebook Meta that explores Black […]

Building Workplace Culture Virtually

Key Excerpt: “It’s no longer about one policy for everybody. It’s about, ‘Where can we introduce flexibility within the job and office and work requirements at the role level and at the personal level?’ and making sure that those resources and choices are as equitably distributed as possible.” Supporting Source: SHRM (Society Human Resource Managers) Ricardo’s […]

Ukraine Moves to Ban Russian Culture

Key Excerpt: “This law will ban the publishing and distributing of books written by Russian citizens (with similar exemptions to those for music) though this will not apply to books already published in Ukraine.” Supporting Article: BBC News Ricardo’s Summary: Culture is composed of five main elements; beliefs, values, norms, language, and symbols. Music and […]

The World’s Workplace is Broken

Key Excerpt: “Gallup finds 60% of people are emotionally detached at work and 19% are miserable.” Supporting Article: Gallup Ricardo’s Summary: I’m not sure if the workplace is broken, I rather think that many people are broken. The workplace is simply a reflection of the people who compose it. The parts make the whole. This […]

Rap Music’s Surge in India

Key Excerpt: “All over the world, it is only the communities who have been pushed to the margins who ask difficult questions through art, and that’s what is happening in India now.” Supporting Article: BBC Ricardo’s Summary: I have a great deal of interest in India as it not only has the second-largest population in […]