Black Culture in the Metaverse

Key Excerpt: “I think a lot of exciting use cases and products are going to be built right now. I hope that more people that look like us are really given the resources to go execute that.”

Supporting Report: Facebook Meta

Ricardo’s Summary: This is a pretty fascinating report from Facebook Meta that explores Black creativity, culture, and commerce in the evolving metaverse.

This is the crux of the matter as put by artist Gabe Gault, “I wanted there to be a place where we could revisit a very pivotal part of Black history in a new way… in the way of the future,” Gabe explains, using this project as an example of how the metaverse can serve as a teaching platform. “It’s one thing to see it in history books and to see it on YouTube or any kind of video. It’s another thing to put on a headset and be able to walk around that environment and be able to interact and see what these buildings may have looked like years ago.”

To have the ability to revisit history and cultural movements in the metaverse is actually pretty awesome. Could you imagine beginning to work with a certain group of people and being able to experience them and their culture virtually in a meaningful experience?

I encourage you to watch the video discussion between Gabe Gault and Kirby Porter, founder of New Games Lab. It’s actually quite interesting and the principles you learn here will apply to other cultures and their discovery as well.

The video is on this page.

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