Building Workplace Culture Virtually

Key Excerpt: “It’s no longer about one policy for everybody. It’s about, ‘Where can we introduce flexibility within the job and office and work requirements at the role level and at the personal level?’ and making sure that those resources and choices are as equitably distributed as possible.”

Supporting Source: SHRM (Society Human Resource Managers)

Ricardo’s Summary: Flexibility. Being successful in the virtual world requires flexibility.

It also requires great connection. I am not speaking of a great internet connection, but rather a human connection. Human connection is soul-deep, not skin deep, and doesn’t require physical touch. It does, however, require you to connect with the person’s soul, and developing the skill of virtual connection is a very important skill in today’s culture.

That’s the key. Great connection.

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Ricardo González is the founder and CEO of Bilingual America. He is the author of multiple books on cultural communications and is considered by many to be one of the foremost cultural experts in the world.

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