CA Beach Returned to Black Family

Key Excerpt: “The return is the result of a lengthy campaign and difficult process. The state legislature had to pass a law to allow the return of the property. Now, the city will lease the land from the family for $413,000 a year – with a clause allowing the future purchase of the land for up to $20m plus costs”

Supporting Article: BBC

Ricardo’s Summary: Is this a sign of many things to come as it regards large scale reparations?

Bruce’s Beach in Manhattan Beach, CA USA was recently returned to the Black ancestors of the original owner. The beach was originally purchased by Willa and Charles Bruce in 1912. They bought it as a refuge for black families during segregation. In 1924, it was forcibly taken from the family by the local city council.

On Tuesday, June 28th, 2022, nearly 100 years later, it was returned to the ancestors of Willa and Charles Bruce. The Bruce’s bought it in 1912 for a paltry (now) sum of $1225.00. Talk about a great return on investment! It is now valued at around $20,000,000 million dollars. The city will continue to lease the land from the family at a fee of $413,000.00 annually.

The impact, however, is much more lasting than financial. Today, only one percent of Manhattan Beach’s population is Black.

So, is this the beginning of a wave of reparations for Black families across the country? My guess is yes, and I hope as a country we can find ways to make it a positive development for all.

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